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Kebab in Brisbane

We are happily serving Kebab in Brisbane, which is one of the most popular form of  Middle Eastern dish that consists of small chunks of meat, fish or vegetable squeezed through a skewer and boiled, grilled or barbecued. Originating from the Greeks and Turks Kebab is now one of the most delicious and famous food items available all over the world.

Rock n roll pizza offers the best continental, kebabs and grills at the heart of the Brisbane city. Our specialties are Shish kebab and Doner kebab.

Shish Kebab in Brisbane

Also known as “Shashlik” are made up of Small pieces of meat that is skewered together with tomatoes, onions and bell pepper. It is mouth-watering and delicious and a widely popular items available throughout the world.

Doner Kebab in Brisbane

Various layers of meat are stacked together on a large rotating split. The layers of meat are sliced and served with pita bread, salads and sauces.